Express Delivery and Logistics
Editor:Frank Zhao2014-09-29

China Postal Express & Logistics Corporation is the oldest and largest integrated express and logistics service provider in China, covering the widest area and boasting the most diverse range of products. 

Serving E-business Owners

China Post Cloud Warehouse is a warehouse system with smart supply chain services for e-commerce customers. Through quantity and direction data analysis, the system arranges warehouse sites in a reasonable way and coordinates delivery, customer service, information systems, logistics and finance, trying to provide an efficient and standard supply chain service.

Comprehensive Cross-border E-commerce Service Platform

As a company in the cross-border e-business market, China Postal Express & Logistics Corporation is experienced in the innovation of products and services and has cooperated closely with e-business companies up and down the supply chain. It provides cross-border business with value-adding services such as warehouses, commodity sorting, bonded services, clearance, tax refunds and supply chain finance.

Cooperation with Amazon

China Postal Express & Logistics Corporation has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Amazon China based on respective advantages in channels and sources. The scope of this cooperation spans five areas, including package collecting, "door-to-door" delivery and self-fetching services.