Postal Services
Editor:Frank Zhao2014-09-29

Providing a postal service is the most basic function of a postal company, including the delivery of letters and parcels, remittance, stamp collection, circulation of newspapers and magazines, e-commerce, agency services, and distribution services. China Post has the advantage of combined information, funds and material flow, and has formed a national postal service network that connects urban and rural areas, covers the whole country and connects to the rest of the world. As of the end of 2013, more than 220,000 convenient postal stations had been established in China, forming the largest chained convenient network in the country; the total amount of business transactions through the postal e-commerce business platform exceeded 100 billion yuan (U.S. $16.18 billion); completed the first round of financing and the total amount of business transactions continues to increase year on year.

Customized DIY Postal Cards

China Post's customized DIY postal card service allows customers to design and make postal cards by themselves. It is currently available across China.

Smart Package Locker

A smart package locker provides package deposit, withdrawal, remote monitoring, information management and information release services. Through the service, mail carriers put packages in lockers and recipients collect them by themselves. Currently, this 7-day/24-hour service is available in key areas in major cities across the country.

Postal Safe Email

China Post has successfully developed a safe postal email system. Customers can register at and verify their details at postal offices with their real names before enjoying this safe service.

WeChat Post Office

Guangzhou Post and WeChat (a popular mobile instant voice and messaging service provided by China's internet company Tencent) jointly launched "WeChat Post Office" with zip code 510433. All users of WeChat can use this service to create electronic postal cards with "WeChat postal stamps" and send them to recipients.

E-commerce platform launched "2,000 Dream Red Packets" campaign across the country after the national college entrance exams this June. High schools students can register at with their admission information to win a packet worth 2000 yuan (U.S. $326). They can use the packet to enter into a lottery for prizes, with the top prize being Iphone5s. Students can also give these packets to their friends as a gift.

Medical Record Mailing Service

Anhui Post's medical record mailing service delivers photocopies of medical records to customers through the postal network to relieve customers of the burden of having to travel to hospitals. The service is currently in the pilot phase at two hospitals in east China's Anhui Province.

Intercity Bus Ticketing on Campus

Before May this year, the Changchun Branch of Jilin Post began providing an intercity bus ticketing service at three universities in Changchun, capital of northeast China's Jilin Province.

(China Post)