Editor:Frank Zhao2014-10-08

Ule.com was established by China Post and Tom Group in August 2010. As a high-end online shopping mall, it has nearly 10,000 suppliers providing home appliances, groceries and food goods. It has developed rapidly in recent years.

By the end of 2014, the shopping mall's overseas business had developed 27 partners, providing eight categories of commodities and grossing more than 12 million yuan (about U.S. $2 million) in sales.

In 2015, Ule.com has further upgraded its overseas business and focuses more on "cross-border" development.

Besides, it is also expanding its business to rural areas and developed a new online system to tap into this market. It has created the ulenp.com website to provide safe, high-quality and source-traceable agricultural products. It currently has 20 million registered users and has formed a strategic partnership with the green food center of China's Ministry of Agriculture.