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'Postman': Theater Stages Modern Drama in Hunan
'Postman': Theater Stages Modern Drama in Hunan
| China Post |2015-06-27

A scene of the modern drama 'Postman'.

A contemporary drama titled "Postman" was jointly staged by the Changsha Municipal Drama Group and the branch of the China Post Group in Hunan at the Hunan Grand Theatre in Changsha, capital city of central China's Hunan Province, on the night of June 12.

The production told the story of postman Li Shengli and aimed to help audiences recapture their rich memories in connection with written letters and other personal postal items encountered throughout their own lives.

The drama is divided into three acts in accordance with Li's childhood, adulthood and retirement.

The first part tells the story of Li with his adoptive father Old Li, who is asked to help raise the infant after both the parents died in 1945. When the time goes forward to 1960, Old Li falls sick and asks the young man to take over his position after his death.

During the second part, because of complicated political reasons, Li is forced to divorce with his beloved wife Zhang Yanzi amid the ongoing Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). However, he continues to send letters and other postal items to the public while waiting for their reunion, if permitted. After the end of Cultural Revolution in 1976, Li finally gets together with Zhang again and has a daughter. However, Zhang passes away two years later, while Li takes charge of raising their infant child.

The last section describes their life from 1978 until now, which sheds some light on the remarkable development of Chinese society as well the postal service across the country.

After watching the modern drama, many audience said that they were deeply touched by the stories of Li, adding that his life stories helped them recaptured the beautiful memories related to postal affairs in their personal life.

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