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Postal Sea Route Connects China's Shandong and Korea's Incheon
Postal Sea Route Connects China's Shandong and Korea's Incheon
| China Post |2015-08-04

On July 22, a batch of 122 postal packages arrived in Weihai, east China's Shandong Province, from Incheon, Republic of Korea (ROK) via China Post Group's Express Mail Service (EMS), marking the official operation of the first EMS delivery route by sea between the two countries.

The newly opened seaborne postal delivery line has made the route more direct, created efficiencies in customs clearance and lowered fees.

A postal package sent from Incheon late at night will now arrive in Weihai by early morning  the next day. Packages will be delivered to the hands of their owners in just 24 hours if they live in the city. Otherwise, packages will be delivered within three days. More importantly, delivery fees are now 70% cheaper in comparison with air mail.

The service ran four times a week until late July. After that, it is being increased up to six times in a week in August to better meet the postal needs of customers from Shandong and neighboring provinces in China and the ROK as well as other countries in their business affairs.

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