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China Post Group Teams up with Ministry of Public Security in the Building of DMV
China Post Group Teams up with Ministry of Public Security in the Building of DMV
| China Post |2015-08-04

Vehicle owners welcomed news that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the Ministry of Public Security have set up an official website for online applications. China Post Group have pledged to support the scheme, providing multiple convenient services.

Last November, China Post Group and the Traffic Management Bureau affiliated to the Ministry of Public Security inked a strategic agreement, according to which they would deliver plate numbers, driving licenses and relevant notices for the Traffic Management Bureau to vehicle owners or drivers.

Meanwhile, vehicle owners can now submit their license forms online, while staff from the offices of the Traffic Management Bureaus across the three pilot regions of Shaanxi, Fujian and Guangdong provinces will assess the applications, produce plates and send them out through China Post Group.

Furthermore, vehicle drivers can also pay fees for relevant traffic fines or applications at the offices of China Post Group.

So far, the online DMV service has been implemented in 19 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the entire nation to better meet the needs of vehicle owners and drivers. In addition, staff members from the China Post Group offices have been fully trained to offer such services in their daily work.

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