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China Post Group's Three Programs Conferred 2015 CFLP's Scientific & Technology Prize
China Post Group's Three Programs Conferred 2015 CFLP's Scientific & Technology Prize
| China Post |2015-10-29

The National Office for Science and Technology Awards and China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP) jointly conferred on China Post Group the second Scientific & Technology Prize of the 2015 CFLP for its "Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Service Platform", "Overseas Warehouse System" and "Housekeeper of Smart City's Postage Package" at a ceremony in Beijing on October 22.

The award aims to recognize technological innovation and scientific progress made by domestic enterprises in the fields of logistics, purchasing, and the circulation of productive materials across the whole nation, and promote healthy development of scientific technologies related to domestic logistics.

The "Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Service Platform" has successfully built a seamless connection amongst e-commerce enterprises, commercial inspection by Customs, individual files, channels for overseas delivery and warehouses, which helps the entire process become more transparent and packages  traceable.

Besides, the "Overseas Warehouse System" has dedicated itself to the completion of summiting orders, the location of goods at warehouses and ensuing delivery across national borders under the supervision of both buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, the "Housekeeper of Smart City's Postage Package" has set up digital equipment for postage packages in 17 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the nation, which can offer clients all-round solutions in the process of delivery.

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