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China Postal Express & Logistics Assists JD in Cross-border E-commerce
China Postal Express & Logistics Assists JD in Cross-border E-commerce
| China Post |2015-12-04

Vice-President of China Postal Express & Logistics Yang Jianguo (R1) and Vice-Chairperson of JD.com Li Yonghe (L1) attend the signing ceremony on cooperation in cross-border e-commerce on November 25.

China Postal Express & Logistics and JD.com signed a strategic agreement on cooperation in cross-border e-commerce at a ceremony held on November 25.

According to the agreement, China Postal Express & Logistics is responsible for the delivery of commodities purchased by customers via the online shopping platform from the hands of foreign sellers. The entire delivery process will be very efficient and supervised to ensure that purchasers can receive their goods as soon as possible.

China Postal Express & Logistics had completed the delivery of 470 million pieces of cross-border postal packages in the first three quarters this year, with a 74.1 percentage increase, accounting for 60 percent of the whole market. Meanwhile, it has accumulated sufficient logistic resources in domestic coastal cities, which will further provide JD with great convenience in the development of its cross-border e-commerce.

So far, JD has provided its customers with access to purchasing their goods from retailers in the US, France, Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea and several other nations, which has greatly increased its transaction volume and popularity amongst domestic citizens.

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