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China Post Group Unveils Most Excellent Postcards
China Post Group Unveils Most Excellent Postcards
| China Post |2015-12-09

Winners of Most Excellent Postcards pose for a group photo.

China Post Group, China Post Advertising Corporation, Travel Channel and the China Post Group branch in central China's Hubei Province jointly sponsored an award ceremony in Wuhan, capital of Hubei, on December 1 and 2 to honor winners of the Most Excellent Postcards in 2015.

At the event, Vice-President of China Post Group Zhang Ronglin said selection of representative postcards had further promoted the growth of its corporate culture, underscored its dedication to innovative design of postcards with emphasis on tradition, showcased the 10th China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo, and demonstrated its efforts to build a cooperation platform for domestic enterprises and governmental bodies.

During the process, organizers held exhibitions, themed activities and artistic performances to promote the event's popularity amongst the public.

On the sidelines, organizers also announced the third winning numbers of 2015 China Postcards.

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