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Kitchen Appliance Firm Benefits from China Postal Express & Logistics Digital Service
Kitchen Appliance Firm Benefits from China Postal Express & Logistics Digital Service
| China Post |2015-10-15

With support from the China Postal Express & Logistics digital logistics center, Hangzhou Robam Industrial Group has speeded up efforts to deliver products to customers in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

The Hangzhou-based enterprise has been known for its kitchen appliances. However, it has been facing lots of difficulties in terms of delivery, especially of products deemed too big to be transported easily or cheaply.

China Postal Express & Logistics started its digital logistics service in the second half of 2014, featuring a standardized, information-regulated and "a collection of orders of goods at headquarter and allocation of purchased products at sub-branch warehouses" model.

An agreement was reached between Robam and China Postal Express & Logistics this August, according to which the postage firm will be responsible for the delivery of kitchen appliances via its digital logistics service as operated by postal staff members in specific locations.

Citizens from Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi, are the first group of beneficiaries from the newly introduced service jointly provided by the two companies. Customers here can submit their orders for kitchen appliances via the official Robam website, while workers at the local logistics warehouse will quickly take care of delivery, saving the firm time and expenditure.

By October 8, a total of 58 orders were handled at the digital logistics center.

According to China Postal Express & Logistics, there are several other enterprises that have expressed interest in its digital logistics service. The company will open more digital logistics warehouses in Liaoning, Henan and Sichuan provinces in the coming months.

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