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China Post Group Cooperates with People's Daily in Liaoning
China Post Group Cooperates with People's Daily in Liaoning
| China Post |2016-05-20

Liaoning provincial postal administration, in northeast China, signed on May 10 a strategic cooperative agreement with People's Daily Liaoning.

The two parties will adhere to the principle of honesty and mutual benefit, and establish a comprehensive strategic partnership.

China Post Liaoning shall assume overall responsibility to post People's Daily according to its circulation, formulate concrete measures for implementation and ensure that individual subscribers benefit.

The retail business associated with People's Daily will be carried out at postal kiosks. China Post Liaoning is to provide subscription analysis reports to analyze readership and industry.

Besides, reader questionnaires will be launched through letters and postcards. China Post Liaoning is required to provide effective assistance during People's Daily interviews.

People's Daily Liaoning will run press releases on China Post Group's operations via its newspaper, website, APP and WeChat public account.

It will supply non-scheduled online public opinion monitoring, public opinion alarm and public opinion analysis reports to China Post Liaoning.

In addition, People's Daily is also expected to promote important events and information related to China Post.

People's Daily is one of the top ten newspapers in the world. It is also one of the largest comprehensive media sources on the Internet.


(China Post)

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