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China Direct Mail Association Big Data Branch Founded in SE China
China Direct Mail Association Big Data Branch Founded in SE China
| China Post |2016-06-17

China Direct Mail Association Big Data Branch Articles was passed at the branch's inaugural ceremony in the city of Nanchang, southeast China's Jiangxi Province on June 3.

Besides electoral issues, a forum was held to discuss marketing of big data drivers, as well as transformation and development of direct mail.

As the most effective method of product promotion, direct mail should integrate into big data and Internet.

Greater efforts should be intensified to research big data skills to improve the ability of data analysis and integration and to serve direct mail marketing.

Accordingly, big data skills should be used to assist enterprise transformation and upgrade.

The research of Internet plus service styles could realize the combination of traditional business and new technologies.

China Post Group established its big data center in 2014 to integrate core data resources and assist transformation and innovative development.

The establishment of the big data branch indicates that China direct mail has started a new course led by the information age and big data technology.

The branch will study the development strategy of big data industry, social data resources, and potential customer demands to improve direct mail marketing. 


(China Post)

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