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Henan Post Group Brings Its Services onto Campuses
Henan Post Group Brings Its Services onto Campuses
| China Post |2015-06-18

A staff member from the branch of the China Post Group in central China's Henan Province carries postal package into postal vehicle at a campus.

During the past several weeks, staff members from the branches of the China Post Group across central China's Henan Province have gone to the campuses of local universities and colleges and set up temporary service counters to collect packages from graduates there. They aim to help them to send heavy personal belongings back to their hometowns, so that the students can leave for home or go to their work places in greater comfort.

In one case, the Zhengzhou branch of China Post in the capital city of the province, is expected to receive around 2,000 packages per day, with a maximum of 7,000 packages in one day, from local graduates in late June and early July.

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