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UK Magazine Ranks Postal Savings Bank of China 23rd for Assets
UK Magazine Ranks Postal Savings Bank of China 23rd for Assets
| China Post |2015-07-16

British magazine The Banker rated the Postal Savings Bank of China as 23rd and 54th out of 1,000 banks worldwide in terms of total assets and tier 1 capital, respectively, on July 1.

By the end of 2014, the total assets of the Postal Savings Bank of China reached 6.3 trillion yuan (U.S. $ 1.02 trillion), and its tier 1 capital was at about 187 billion yuan (U.S. $ 30.13 billion), a remarkable growth from previous years. Meanwhile, the bank has maintained sound performance in terms of return on assets, net profit growth rates, non-performing loans, provision of adequate rates and economic profits over the past several years.

The Postal Savings Bank of China has dedicated itself to providing the public, especially rural residents and entrepreneurs of small-to-micro businesses, with qualified banking services in the promotion of social and economic growth, since it was founded in March 2007.

For instance, it made cumulative bank loans of 105.6 billion yuan (U.S. $ 17.01 billion) to finance the development of rural affairs, and gave loans totaling 22.3 billion yuan (U.S. $ 3.59 billion) to small-to-micro businesses from January-June this year.

Meanwhile, it has introduced multiple preferential policies to better help its clients in their financial needs.

As an English-language monthly international financial affairs publication owned by the Financial Times Ltd. and edited in London, the British magazine has grown into the world's premier banking and finance resource, and has been read in over 180 countries. It is recognized as the key source of data and analysis for the industry since its establishment in 1926.

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