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Regulatory Commission Raises Its Rating of China Post Securities
Regulatory Commission Raises Its Rating of China Post Securities
| China Post |2015-08-21

China Post Securities has been upgraded to "BBB" level by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) in its report on the classification of domestic securities companies in accordance with their performance this year.

The CSRC report aims to help the public learn more about securities enterprises in terms of their risk management, market competitiveness, legal regulatory competence and other criteria.

The latest rating of the China Post Securities saw a remarkable increase from the "B" level given in 2014.

There are a total of five levels of ratings given by the CSRC, namely A, B, C, D and E. The A, B and C ratings can be further categorized into three sub-levels.

The "BBB" rating will bring many benefits to China Post Securities in the further growth of its activities, especially in terms of the enlargement of its business scope, the application of new services, the establishment of more branches and a decrease in the ratio of its investors who have to pay for protection funds in the coming years.

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