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Postal Staff Bring Service to Military Parade Village in Beijing
Postal Staff Bring Service to Military Parade Village in Beijing
| China Post |2015-09-09

Several postal employees show their products and service to visiting soldiers at the Military Parade Village in Beijing.

The China Post Group in Changping District, Beijing has sent a delegation of 13 staff members to provide local military forces with competent postal service from May 8 to September 10 at the Military Parade Village, home to Chinese troops who took part in the September 3 parade to mark the 1945 victory in China's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.

During their stay, postal employees are expected to collect packages from local soldiers, distribute newspapers and packages amongst them, and prepare postal souvenirs and other products from early morning till night.

Initially, the China Post Group set up three temporary postal offices in the village. Rising demands from troops later saw the addition of two more offices.

The soldiers have greatly appreciated the service.

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