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China Post Announces Winners in SW China Postcard Lottery
China Post Announces Winners in SW China Postcard Lottery
| China Post |2016-10-13

Under the supervision of notaries, 10,000 third-prize winners, 10 second-prize winners and one first-prize winner in a China Post postcard promotion were selected as part of a large public welfare campaign by its branch in Chengdu, capital of southwest Chinas Sichuan Province on September 29.

All of the winning numbers will be released in the Postcard Lottery area on the cpostcard.com website.

On the same day, China Post launched "Post Impression", an online app that provides "zero distance" interaction with customers so people can personalize postcards online. More than 600 post offices nationwide will be online with the app so customers can purchase cultural and local products through their mobile phones. They can also customize postcards and other products for relatives and friends using their own photos.

The effort is dedicated to promoting the unique economic, cultural, tourism and other resources in Sichuan to the nation and the world.

The campaign also includes the China Postcards Cultural and Creative Design Competition that will collect postcard design works nationwide from September 26, 2016 to January 4, 2017. Awarded works will receive an official accreditation code and the designers will be included in the China Post Sichuan's talent pool. A series of postcards with Sichuan characteristics will be issued that day.

Sponsors have also begun the "Sichuan Postal Information Network", a video broadcast platform that centralizes a network of the province's 2,456 postal outlets to become the focus of media covering a population of 43.71 million in Sichuan rural areas.

Vice Manager of China Post Sichuan Li Pizheng and Deputy Secretary-General of the Sichuan Government Huang Xiaoping attended the event and delivered a speech respectively.

"What China Post delivered in the course of 120 years of development are not only letters but also feelings and culture," Li said.

Huang expressed his hope that the campaign can build a platform for deep cooperation and interaction between the Sichuan government and China Post, and that China Post's resources will display Sichuan to the world and transmit Sichuan people's enthusiasm. 

(China Post)

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