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China Post Air's First Boeing 757 Freighter Enters Service
China Post Air's First Boeing 757 Freighter Enters Service
| China Post |2016-10-28

A new jumbo jet taxied slowly out of the Swire hangar with an "EMS" identity painting on its tail on October 16 in Xiamen, southeast China's Fujian Province, marking the formal delivery of China Post Air's first Boeing 757 freighter aircraft.

The aircraft was put into service on October 22, opening a new era in which China Post Air operates Boeing 757 aircraft.

After modification, the B757-200 is one of the main models used in cargo aircraft.

Highly adaptable to express air transport, its main cargo hold can carry 15 standard containers and 28 tons of mail. As a new member of the China Post aviation fleet, it will enhance network efficiency, providing more support for the development of China Post's express mail services.

China Post Air has purchased seven Boeing 757 aircraft, one now in use and three undergoing passenger-to-freighter conversion. All seven are expected to go into operation in 2017.

(China Post)

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