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Transport Official Inspects Postal Work on 'Double 11'
Transport Official Inspects Postal Work on 'Double 11'
| China Post |2016-11-17
Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng (third from right) inspects agricultural product packages imported during "Double 11" in Beijing. [China Post News / Wang Yong]

China's Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng inspected boom season postal service work for the "double eleven" consumer buying peak at the mail processing center at China Post Beijing on November 10.

Li expressed condolences to postal workers who were struggling on the first line. "We should study and implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee to ensure smooth, safe and steady mail delivery channels. Postal cadres and workers need to unite, work hard and submit a satisfactory achievement to society," he stressed. 

Estimates say this year's express business volume surpassed 1 billion (packages?) during the "Double 11" period, 40 percent higher than last year. The maximum daily capacity exceeded 140 million, 50 percent higher than last year and three times the usual amount.

Both the number of international express and rural online shopping packages also increased, becoming a new feature in this year's postal work.

China Post General-Manager Li Guohua, Vice General-Manager Kang Ning and Director General of the State Post Bureau attended the inspection and related forums.

China's online retailers geared up for what has become the country's annual online shopping festival on November 11, a date made up of four ones. "Double Eleven" has always been considered a special day for single men and women in China. Five years ago Internet retailer Alibaba began promoting it as a shopping festival, and it has now turned to be the country's busiest day for online retailers, millions of shoppers and thousands of couriers.


(China Post News)

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