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National Moral Model Lauds Long March Spirit in SE China
National Moral Model Lauds Long March Spirit in SE China
| China Post |2016-11-02
Gong Quanzhen (C) with China Post workers [China Post]

China Post Lianhua Branch in southeast China's Jiangxi Province has donated packages of stamps to revolution-themed pavilions as well as the Committee of Caring for the Younger Generation and schools. Gong Quanzhen, national moral model and wife of general Gan Zuchang, commended its effort.

"China Post has done a meaningful thing," she said. “Thanks for preparing such good revolutionary teaching materials for kids, which will help them study hard and become construction pillars of the state."

"Red Army soldiers experienced numerous hardships and dangers during the Long March. Their ideals, beliefs and persistent spirit of sacrifice remain in people's memory. Their stories still make my blood tingle today. Both senior Party members and the young generation should engrave their memory and work harder for the prosperity of our country," Gong added.

Born in Lianhua County in 1905, Gan Zuchang joined the Communist Party of China in 1927 and the Red Army the following year. He was awarded the rank of major general in 1955 and become representative of the Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Gan died at 81 in Lianhua County on March 23, 1986.

(China Post)

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