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China Post Signs Agreement with Lazada on Cross-Border Logistics
China Post Signs Agreement with Lazada on Cross-Border Logistics
| China Post |2016-07-12

China Post Group has signed an agreement with Lazada Group, a Singaporean e-commerce company, on cross-border logistics.

With the aim of "mutual benefit and serving customers", the two companies have joined in cooperation on warehousing, finance, training, market expansion and other fields.

China Post Vice-General Manager Zhang Ronglin and Lazada CEO Max Bittner were at the signing ceremony.

"With the rapid growth of e-commerce, China Post's logistics has realized leapfrog development and become the main post and delivery channels for light and small parcels," Zhang said. "The new cooperation will optimize cross-border services, while financial services will be expanded to fulfill the demands of e-commerce customers for online payment."

Lazada.com is a privately owned Singaporean e-commerce company founded by Rocket Internet in 2012. By 2014, it operated sites in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and raised U.S. $647 million through several investment rounds from investors such as Tesco, Temasek Holdings, Summit Partners, JPMorgan Chase, Investment AB Kinnevik and Rocket Internet. In April, the group received a strategic investment from Alibaba. 

(China Post)

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