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China Post Insurance Inks Agreement with China Film Press
China Post Insurance Inks Agreement with China Film Press
| China Post |2016-08-25

General-Manager of China Post Insurance Dang Xiurong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Film Press President Song Dai at a ceremony in Beijing on August 17 for all-round cooperation in equity investment in films, publishing, new media, events and other activities in the cultural industry.

"Since China attaches great importance to the development of literature and art, the culture industry has enjoyed a boom in recent years," said Zhao Shi, Party secretary of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC). "Due to deep cooperation with the financial industry, the film industry has new opportunities for development.

"China Post Insurance's development is gratifying for China Post as it takes the initiative in the financial industry," Zhao noted. "The strategic partnership established between the two parties has historical significance."

"As one of the new growth poles in China's 13th Five Year-Plan, China Post Insurance has great potential for future development, which has received additional consideration by China Post Group," said China Post General Manager Li Guohua. He expressed his hope that the two parties could interact continually and deeply, expanding cooperation in future.

CFLAC Party Secretary Zhao, CFLAC Vice-President Xia Chao, China Post General-Manager Li and China Post Vice-General-Manager Kang Ning presided over the event.

Sponsored by CFLAC and administrated by the China Film Association, China Film Press has four book publishing houses and four periodicals as well as the noted cultural operations Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Studio, China Film Audio-visual Publishing House and China Film Press Printing House.

(China Post)

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