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China Post Launches Official WeChat Account
China Post Launches Official WeChat Account
| China Post |2016-08-26

China Post Group's official WeChat account was launched on August 18.

As an important online service platform created to promote innovation, operations and marketing of "Internet plus Post", it establishes a new image for the group.

Adhering to the core idea of "creating value for customers," the WeChat public account includes scores of online services for mail, finance, stamp collecting and e-commerce as well as three core modules that offer micro services, micro postal offices and a customer care center, marking an important step in China Post's exploration of “Internet plus” services.

Micro services have three basic postal programs -- ordinary mail, delivery and finance -- as well as government guidance and local information services.

Micro postal offices provide customers with convenient online postal business services.

The Customer Care Center is a rewards program that brings clients popular activities, a lottery and preferential prices.

In addition, the WeChat public account offers online consultation, suggestions, complaint channels and other interactive venues for customers. 

(China Post)

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