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China National Philatelic Corp. Issues 2016 Rio Olympic Souvenirs
China National Philatelic Corp. Issues 2016 Rio Olympic Souvenirs
| China Post |2016-08-30

A large number of sports fans and stamp collectors flocked to postal outlets to buy commemorative envelopes three days after the Chinese women's volleyball team won China's 26th gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics on August 20.

China National Philatelic Corp.'s production of commemorative envelopes and folders for the Rio Olympics has now drawn to a perfect full stop.

China National Philatelic Corp. issued a series of products including commemorative envelopes and folders that record spontaneous moments by Chinese athletes at the Games. To meet that commitment, the corporation needed to produce commemorative envelopes and folders no later than 48 hours after China took a gold medal to meet the demands of collectors and sports fans.

The commemorative envelopes included the Chinese Olympic emblem and the moment Chinese champions stood on the winner's rostrum.

The enterprise mobilized more than 40 workers to produce 26 sets of souvenirs day and night. Despite the time difference, they enabled sports enthusiasts and collectors to share Chinese Olympic athletes' joy and glory.

(China Post)

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