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China Post News Journalist Wins Second Place at Media Industry Competition
China Post News Journalist Wins Second Place at Media Industry Competition
| China Post |2016-08-30

Standing out among 30 speakers from 30 newspaper offices, China Post News journalist Lv Lei won second place in the preliminary round in the Third National Media Industry "Good Reporters Tell Good Stories" Competition on August 19, a qualification for the next contest in the selection process.

Lv told moving stories about three mail carriers he interviewed in China's outlying regions including Ge Jun from Qinghai Province, Nima Lamu from Yunnan Province and Ciren Quba from Tibet Autonomous Region. The three men stayed at their stations and serviced people whole-heartedly.

Jointly sponsored by the All-China Journalists Association, the CPC Publicity Department and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the competition organizes media workers to tell stories and talk about their interviewing process and inner feelings in promoting public opinion work and supporting achievements in the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The preliminary contest in the competition was supported by the Association of China Industrial Newspapers (ACIN) and organized by Evergrande Group. Lv will next contend with competitors from central and local media at next stage. 

(China Post)

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