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China Post Shangrao Branch Launches Left-Behind Children Care Campaign
China Post Shangrao Branch Launches Left-Behind Children Care Campaign
| China Post |2016-09-23

A little boy couldn't help but kiss his mother on the screen when having a video call with his parents at a charity activity by China Post Shangrao in east China's Jiangsu Province on September 13.[China Post]

China Post Shangrao Branch in east China's Jiangxi Province launched a campaign at some local Happy Post sites on September 13 to help care for children whose parents have left them behind at home to work in cities.

Jointly sponsored by China Post and Hong Kong's Tom Group, Happy Post at ule.com is an innovative service platform that combines high-end online shopping and offline retail. It reflects the great advantages of win-win cooperation through the unique resources and professional experience of the two groups, said organizers.  

Attractive activities at the event that pleased children included a safety quiz, interactive games and a touching video call with parents. Participants also enjoyed cakes and gifts.

Two children in Zhoushi Village had a video call with their parents who are working in the city of Wenzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province.

"Mom, are you busy today?" asked one. "Please don't worry about us as we are good at home. Mom, we love you!"

Simple home-style dialogue stirred the sister and young brother's deep love towards their parents. And the little boy couldn't help but kiss her mother on the screen.

The left-behind children in China are the result of rapid economic development across the country and a gap of wealth that has forced millions of workers to emigrate from rural areas to cities. Millions of children have been left behind in rural areas in the care of relatives, mostly grandparents, or family friends with little or no education or ability to take care of themselves. 


(China Post)

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