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New China Post Jiangsu Financial Assets Reach New High
New China Post Jiangsu Financial Assets Reach New High
| China Post |2016-10-13

"Due to China Post Jiangsu's policies and strategies, its total new financial assets this year rose to 100.06 billion yuan (US$ 14.88 billion) by Sept. 14, surpassing 100 billion yuan (US$ 14.87 billion)." 

The figure includes a net increase of 40.41 billion yuan (US$ 6.01 billion) in its savings balance and 59.66 billion yuan (US$ 8.87 billion) in insurance financing. The contribution rate to assets by insurance, funds and finance reached 78.9 percent.

China Post branches in Jiangsu created a "10 plus X" system based on agriculture, job hunting, parents and offspring, rural comprehensive services and other marketing projects.

To provide innovative services and enhance customer relations, China Post Jiangsu implemented customer visits, themed marketing and enhanced service differentiation. The total amount of new financial assets reached 48.92 million yuan (US$7.28 million) in 1,270 transit outlets by the end of this August, 34.2 percent higher than its peers. 

(China Post)

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