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PSBC Fights Typhoon Sarika in Hainan
PSBC Fights Typhoon Sarika in Hainan
| China Post |2016-11-02
Leaders and staff in a Postal Savings Bank of China Hainan branch in Baoting County carry sandbags to fight typhoon-related flooding of their business office.[China Post]

Typhoon Sarika, the 21st typhoon of the year, hit south China's Hainan Province from October 17 to 21 as torrential rain and gales lashed the island province.

In response, Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) Hainan swiftly began flood control and typhoon mitigation work.

It organized special deployments to fight the impact, with its disaster relief headquarters using a remote monitoring system through the night to investigate conditions in cities and counties affected by the typhoon, guiding response to the disaster.

PSBC branches in Hainan checked security risks, increased manpower and started a 24-hour duty roster to protect lives and property.

Typhoon Sarika stripped billboards, destroyed power supply circuits and caused direct economic losses of 2 million yuan (US$295,200) to the PSBC Hainan.

PSBC workers fought with leaders and staff in 18 branches shoulder to shoulder against floods.

(China Post)

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