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Beijing Hosts International Stamp Collection Forum
Beijing Hosts International Stamp Collection Forum
| China Post |2015-10-09

Vice-President of the China Post Group Li Pizheng speaks at the event.

The China Post Group sponsored an international forum on the development of stamp-collection culture at the Hotel Nikko New Century in Beijing on September 27.

The event's theme was defined as "Stamp-collection in Modern Days——New Trends and Innovative Mindset in the Field of Stamp-collection".

"Postage collection has become an important activity for both postal and cultural enterprises. In addition to postal denomination, enthusiasts collect for aesthetic appreciation, investment, advertisement, or just to use as souvenirs. It is important to further the studies of stamp collection with an emphasis on its developmental trends and innovative proposals under current social circumstances," Vice-President of the China Post Group Li Pizheng said at the event.

Meanwhile, representatives from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and postage enterprises in France, Belgium, Denmark and other nations held interactions and shared their thoughts on creativity and the further development of postal products at the forum.

Attending officials from home and abroad pose for a group photo at the event.


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