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China Post Group Leaders Meet with Model Workers
China Post Group Leaders Meet with Model Workers
| China Post |2016-05-06

Vice General Manager of China Post Group Zhang Ronglin and Party Secretary Zhang Yafei had on April 28th an informal discussion with its model workers, including Xie Jian, a mail carrier working in south China's Guangdong Province who won the title of "2015 Top 10 Touching Figures", and Zhang Jianming, a mail carrier from north China's Hebei Province who was awarded "Best Mail Carrier" as well as other candidates.

On behalf of China Post's Party Branch, Zhang Yafei expressed warm congratulations to all the awarded workers.

"It is not easy to become a candidate and win awards in the influential 'Campaign to Select 2015 Top 10 Touching Figures' and 'Campaign to Select 10 Best Mail Carriers'," Zhang said.

He demanded Party branches pay attention to the selection and propaganda work, and called on awarded workers to play an exemplary role for colleagues around.

Xie Jian and Zhang Jianming also gave speeches and shared their work experiences at the event. 

Representatives of the awarded denoted that they would make a contribution to making China Post a world first-class enterprise. 


(China Post)

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