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China Post Strives to Become a World-Class Enterprise
China Post Strives to Become a World-Class Enterprise
| China Post |2017-09-20

Over the past five years, China Post's gross income grew by 7.9 percent, profit increased 8.4 percent, net assets rose 24.6 percent and employee income jumped 12.6 percent annually.

As a State-owned enterprise, China Post is listed among the top 500 companies in the world and was brave to take on heavy responsibilities in building a well-off society. Helping realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, it entered a new era of transformation and upgrading.

China Post studied and implemented a series of important speeches by President Xi Jinping and his new strategy of governance, actualizing the win-win goal of both income scale and economic benefits to attain a high degree of civilization in both material and non-material aspects.

China Post has transformed from a traditional postal enterprise to a modern group that runs postal, financial, express logistics and e-commerce businesses, traveling a postal services road with Chinese characteristics.

China Post takes development as its top priority with the strategic goal of building a world-class postal enterprise and consolidating the strategic positioning of Postal Savings Bank of China as large-scale retail commercial bank.

It built postal insurance, parcel delivery and e-commerce businesses in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) through a complete strategy. China Post promoted the transformation from product-oriented to customer-oriented, built a profit-centered financial management system and carries out the management mode of zero-base budgeting.

It comprehensively promoted the transformation and upgrading of its transport system by building a world-class postal transportation network. The enterprise reconstructed the postal logistics service system and established convenient service platforms, forming a regional strategic cooperative layout to provide rich and varied services for urban and rural residents.

China Post actively cooperates with government departments at all levels, undertaking major strategic tasks and public service projects. It signed strategic cooperative agreements with 24 provincial governments, cooperated with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the State Administration of Taxation, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Public Security Ministry among others. It also established strategic partnerships with the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), China Tobacco, Sinopec and other large enterprises.

In response to the national Belt and Road Initiative, China Post established postal service relations with more than 200 countries and studied the international management of postal savings banks, further accelerating the internationalization process of express services and logistics.

It implemented the introduction of a talent scheme, resulting in an increase of postal staff with college diplomas, the number of which rose from 53 percent of the total in 2012 to 75.2 percent in 2016.

Due to its family brand management model, 520,000 postal workers benefited and the cohesion of the enterprises increased markedly. Thirty-nine of its workers have been awarded as national model workers, while 57 won the national labor medal, five were elected or nominated as national moral models and four have been selected as “Top 10 People Who Moved Transportation Industry”.

China Post also strengthened the construction of a clean and honest administration to form a good political environment.

Today, when we sum up the brilliant achievements of China Post’s reform over the past five years, each one made us have a proper sense of dignity. As postal staff, we have experienced every difficulty and challenge, participated in every exploration and practice, and shared every success and joy. All the efforts made by postal executives and front-line staff helped achieve the enterprise's all fabulous accomplishments.

On the Fortune Global 500 list, China Post jumped to 105th in 2016 from 258th in 2012 in revenues, and to 128th in 2016 from 167th in 2012 in profits. The group's total revenue for the first eight months of this year maintains a good growth momentum.

President Xi pointed out that since State-owned enterprises were an important power to reinforce the nation's comprehensive strength and safeguard the people's common interests, so we must make them stronger and bigger.

Standing at a new historical point, China Post is able to create a broader development space and step towards the goal of building a world-class postal enterprise. 

(China Post)

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