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China Post titled high-speed train launched in Shanghai
China Post titled high-speed train launched in Shanghai
| China Post |2020-01-08

On January 8, the launch ceremony of China Post titled high-speed train is held at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. With the train slowly pulling away, China Post is joining hands with China High-speed Rail to guard the return trip of every passenger during the Spring Festival travel rush.

Taking advantage of the Spring Festival travel rush, the unique travel phenomenon in China, to convey the theme "connecting better life everywhere" through China high-speed train, China Post has not only improved its brand image greatly, but also constructed an innovative scenario marketing model. From platforms to compartments, from exterior decoration to interior table stickers, the brand and product elements of China Post occupy the whole train, bringing passengers a brand-new experience while raising the awareness of the brand. Through the ads in the high-speed train media, China Post has also publicized its key business divisions such as postal services, postal EMS, Postal Savings Bank of China, China Post Insurance, postal e-commerce, etc.

The China Post Connecting Better Life Everywhere high-speed trains center on Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities and radiate North China, East China and other economically developed regions along the way, precisely covering a large number of migrating population, and facilitating China Post to spread its brand reputation all over China.



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