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2020 China Post Group work conference held in Beijing to drive China Post to rise again
2020 China Post Group work conference held in Beijing to drive China Post to rise again
| China Post |2020-01-08



The 2020 China Post Group Co., Ltd. work conference opened in Beijing on January 7.

The Conference pointed out that in 2020 the Corporation will continue to put quality first and give priority to efficiency. It will find gaps from the "three perspectives" (namely, perspectives of clients, competitors and industry best practices), promote reforms according to the rules of industry, market as well as the law of value, strengthen weak links and consolidate foundations to build the multiple pillars of reform and development. The whole corporation will unite as one and work harder to accelerate the development of China Post into the national team of the postal industry and facilitate China Post to rise again. Meanwhile, the conference also put forward the Corporation’s operation and development goals in 2020.

Yang Chuantang, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China, attended the conference and delivered a speech. He pointed out that the year of 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Over the past 70 years, generations of postal staff have upheld the principle of "People’s Post Serving the People" and given impetus to the tremendous changes in the postal industry. Facing the complicated situation of mounting risks and challenges both at home and abroad in 2019, China Post Group implemented earnestly the policies and decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, restructured the corporate system, and accelerated the corporate transformation and upgrading. In 2019, China Post made new achievements in its Party building work, improved the quality and performance of its operation, took new steps in reform and innovation, and achieved higher levels of service. All these have demonstrated China Post's fighting spirit and keen sense of responsibility.

Mr. Yang Chuandang emphasized that in 2020, China Post Group should fully implement the decisions and plans of the Central Economic Work Conference, carry out its universal service and special service obligations, maintain stable growth, speed up transformation of delivery and rural e-commerce business, promote steady and sound development of postal finance, enhance service capabilities and the quality and performance of its development, and contribute to building China into a country with strong transportation network.

Also present at the conference are leaders of relevant departments from the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the People's Bank of China, the National Audit Office, the General Administrations of Customs, the State Taxation Administration, the State Post Bureau, and other relevant departments.

Mr. Liu Aili, Chairman of China Post Group, addressed the conference and delivered a themed report. Mr. Zhang Jinliang, President of China Post Group, delivered the work report.

The conference reviewed the major work and the performance of reform and development in 2019. First, business coordination within the Group led to further improvement of the quality and performance of operation. The level of universal postal service was continually improved, the scale of delivery business was expanded, the performance of the financial business steadily increased, rural e-commerce development advanced with concrete efforts, thereby the coordinated development strategies were effectively implemented. Second, the reform and innovation work were on the right track with fast and steady pace, the vitality of development further released. The reform to convert the Group into a standard company was approved, and China Post Group Co., Ltd. was set up accordingly. The Postal Savings Bank of China completed its A-share market listing with high quality, becoming the largest A-share IPO in 10 years. And PSBC Wealth Management subsidiary was established. The transformation and innovation of the delivery business, in particular, was continually deepened, with the capabilities and services in related fields becoming well matched with its peer competitors. After finding gaps from the "three perspectives", the delivery time was dramatically reduced, original customers acquisition expanded, the quality of service significantly enhanced, desired results achieved in cost reduction, and positive progress made in IT empowerment. Therefore, remarkable achievements have been made in the development of the five major systems of time limit, costs, service, market and IT. Guided by the rules of industry and market as well as the law of value, the operation processes such as collection, sorting, transportation and delivery achieved new breakthroughs. Third, the capacity building was carried out with unprecedented efforts, the development potential further accumulated. The capacity of mail delivery network was greatly boosted, the IT capacity was continuously strengthened, and the pace of cadre team building was accelerated. Fourth, positive progress was made in serving major national strategies, the responsibilities of an enterprise directly under the central government further demonstrated. Remarkable effects were made in poverty alleviation work, the development of green post was continuously deepened, and the risk prevention and control were powerful and effective. Fifth, Party building was strengthened in an all-round way, the "root" and "soul” further consolidated. The consciousness and determination were continuously enhanced in resolutely upholding General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position on the Party Central Committee and in the Party as a whole, and resolutely upholding the Party Central Committee’s authority and its centralized, unified leadership. The campaign of "remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind" was carried out with high quality. The phased tasks of inspection and rectification were fully completed. The building of Party organizations at the primary level was strengthened, and the work style was radically changed. The work on improving Party conduct and building a clean government, and the anti-corruption work were further advanced.

From the dimensions of new problems and challenges brought by new technology and new business form and new opportunities and advantages China Post will confront in its development, Mr. Liu Aili analyzed the current situation, called for the acceleration of constructing multiple pillars to ensure the high-quality development of China Post, and made detailed arrangements for the work in 2020.

Mr. Liu Aili emphasized on accelerating the construction of the multiple pillars for the high-quality development of China Post. Universal postal service, delivery business, financial service, and rural e-commerce are the "four crossbeams" sustaining the development of China Post. Universal postal service is the legal obligation of China Post, and it is an institutional arrangement for the equal access to the country's public services. Delivery service is the core business of China Post, representing the "national team" of the postal industry, and comprehensively reflecting the corporate image of serving the people in the new era. Financial service is the core business of China Post and the source to nurture the universal service, support reform and innovation, and ensure sustainable development. Developing rural e-commerce enables China Post to take advantage of its marginal utility, and the logistics and capital flow brought about by commodity flow further facilitate the development of China Post. Therefore, rural e-commerce is the foundation for coordinated development. Party building, transformation, technology empowerment, streamlined management, platform, coordination, vitality, and work style are the "eight pillars" supporting the development of China Post. Party building facilitates China Post to become better, stronger and bigger. Transformation and upgrading help to cultivate new competitive advantages. Technology empowerment helps to enhance core competitiveness. Streamlined management helps to improve operational efficiency. Integrated platform helps to construct synergy and agglomeration effect. Coordination helps to achieve a shared win-win situation. The unleashed vitality helps to boost endogenous growth momentum. A better work style helps to foster a sense of righteousness.

 2020 is the year to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and the final year for the 13th Five-Year Plan. It is also a crucial year for China Post to press ahead with high-quality development. Mr. Liu Aili demanded that the main tasks for China Post this year should focus on the eight aspects as follows: strengthening the leading role of Party building, giving full play to the unique advantages of State-owned enterprise; deepening supply-side structural reform, comprehensively to press ahead with high-quality development; deepening corporate transformation to stimulate the vitality of corporate development; accelerating the empowerment of key factors to consolidate the foundation for postal development; strengthening streamlined management to improve the efficiency of corporate management; serving national strategies, shouldering the responsibilities of an enterprise directly under the central government; targeting key problems, goals and results to make the good better and the better best; Focus on changing the work style to create a pragmatic and truth-seeking culture.

Reviewing the major work in 2019, Mr. Zhang Jinliang affirmed the progress China Post had made last year in six aspects: the steady growth in the operating performance of China Post Group; the remarkable results in fulfilling the responsibility of an enterprise directly under the central government; the accelerated pace in corporate reform and innovation; the continuous advance in fine management; the further improvement in postal service quality, and the full play to the leading role of Party building.

Mr. Zhang Jinliang emphasized that China Post will accelerate business transformation and build a new pattern of coordinated development of various businesses. It will continue to take universal postal service as the root and promote the innovative transformation and development of postal services. To ensure the standard and quality of universal postal service, China Post will intensify quality control via strengthening information management, increasing supervision and inspection, boosting management level of universal service, and establishing a long-term management mechanism. It will develop the ecosystem of financial services and enhance their development quality and efficiency. The Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) must fully keep in line with large State-owned commercial banks and make every effort to achieve the transformation of PSBC banking services. China Post will continue to optimize its financial service structure, comprehensively boost the comprehensive operation of agent financial service outlets, the systematic transformation of channels, and the building of professional teams. It will consolidate the coordination of postal services, banking services and insurance business in the aspects of products, sales, investment and operation, trying to build China Post Insurance into a new area of growth and maintain the growth momentum of China Post Securities. China Post will enhance the competitiveness of its delivery service, increase its scale and performance. It will focus on the targets of increasing the market share of the delivery service and quickening the steps of turning the loss-making situation into a profitable one, and work holistically to achieve coordinated development of four major businesses of standard express delivery, express parcel business, international business, and supply chain logistics. In terms of rural e-commerce, China Post will rebuild the channel value and develop a new ecosystem. It will stick to the principle of "strengthening platform, expanding channels, adding-on businesses, and retaining customers", enhance the information, platform, ecological and centralized development of rural e-commerce, further clarify the profit model and operation control model, creating a channel-integrated, technology-driven, open and sharing comprehensive postal service platform. China Post will adhere to the principle of shared growth and win-win development, and continue to intensify coordinated development. It will strengthen top-level design to ensure the implementation of coordination strategies.

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