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NDRC designates China Post to undertake domestic transit of overseas donations
NDRC designates China Post to undertake domestic transit of overseas donations
| China Post |2020-02-03

At 14:14 on February 3, the 6th special freighter of China Postal Airlines for the battle of epidemic prevention and control took off at Beijing Capital International Airport, and arrived at Wuhan Tianhe Airport at 16:05. The materials carried are protective suits, masks, medical gloves, etc., weighing a total of 9144 kg, among which about 3300 kg are overseas donations, including 158 000 surgical masks and 325 000 pairs of surgical gloves.

In order to better receive and distribute the overseas donated epidemic prevention materials, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) designates China Post to transit the donations to Wuhan after their arrival in China.

After a batch of overseas donations arrives at the Beijing Capital International Airport on the afternoon of February 2, all relevant departments of China Postal Airlines immediately respond to the instructions and finalize the transportation plan. The crew on-duty, the ground support and other related work are in place at night. At 10:50 am on February 3, the materials arrive at the postal operation area, and the security check begins. At 10:55 am, the containers are packed and assembled. At 13:20, the materials arrive at the apron and are directly loaded to the freighter. All processes are seamlessly connected. At the same time, the Wuhan branch of China Postal Airlines has completed the coordination work for ground support at Tianhe Airport early in the morning. At 16:05, the freighter arrives at Tianhe Airport. Half an hour later, all the materials are unloaded and transferred from the airside to the landside.

According to statistics, 6 freighters of China Postal Airlines have so far transported a total of 61 tons of epidemic prevention and medical materials.






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