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China Post is making efforts to fight the epidemic
China Post is making efforts to fight the epidemic
| China Post |2020-01-31

At present, the whole nation has been in a critical period of winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control with concerted and united efforts. Under the unified leadership and arrangement of the anti-epidemic working groups at the central and local levels, China Post adheres to the service motto of "of the people, for the people", and solemnly promises as follows:

1. The postal service will not stop.

(1) Postal outlets will ensure all services available to the public.

(2) The confidential communications will not stop, guaranteeing the timely delivery of the important documents.

(3) The collection and delivery service will not stop, making sure the normal collection and delivery of all mails.

(4) The online services will not stop, saving the bother of going to the post offices. 

(a) For the individual senders, you can dial the 11183 hotline to place an order, or log in the WeChat public account in the name of EMS China Postal Express and Logistics, or using the applet on WeChat by searching the name mentioned ahead.

(b) For the banking services, clients can resort to online channels, such as logging onto the Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) mobile banking account or personal online banking account, to get access to various financial services such as account inquiry, money transfer and remittance, credit card repayment, investment and wealth management, and personal loans, etc.

2. Relief and donation related services will be free of charge.

(1) The delivery of the relief goods will be free of charge to pass on the love and charity.

(2) The door-to-door collection of mails will be free of charge with the appointments both online and by phone.

(3) Individual donations will be free of service charge at postal outlets.

(4) Money donations will be free of transfer fee with the aid of PSBC financial services.

For the donated materials sent by local governments, charity organizations, enterprises and public institutions, and medical equipment manufacturers to the Red Cross organizations, which are designated recipients for relief goods and donations by Wuhan Municipal Government, China Post provides the whole process transportation and distribution services with no freight charges. This service also applies to individual donors at the postal outlets.

Above institutional customers can dial 11183 to inquire about the delivery service to Wuhan. They can also scan the QR code below to inquire online. After verifying the requirements, China Post will assign designated staff to provide free door-to-door service.

During the fight against the epidemic, donation or remitting funds for epidemic prevention to designated bank accounts in Hubei Province and other places by institutions and individuals through PSBC will be exempt from transfer fee and electronic remittance fee.


The Post will be in action whenever the country needs it.

China Post will always stay true to our original aspirations and hold on to accomplishing our missions.

Wish the people all over the country healthy and sound!


China Post Group Co., Ltd.

January 31, 2020


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China Post Group Co., Ltd. reserves the right to final interpretation of the above terms.

Please dial 11185 for any other inquires.

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