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China Post launches special freighter for epidemic prevention materials to aid Wuhan
China Post launches special freighter for epidemic prevention materials to aid Wuhan
| China Post |2020-01-27

On January 27, at 15:33, a special freighter of China Postal Airlines carrying epidemic prevention materials took off from Guangzhou; at 16:50, it landed safely at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. The cargo included medicines, surgical masks, infrared thermometers, vaccine research and development materials and other materials for epidemic prevention and medical rescue. The total weight was more than 9,300 kg. This is the first postal charter flight that has arrived in Wuhan after China Post Group Co., Ltd. started the green channel for emergency supplies.

On January 26, several Guangdong pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers prepared a batch of anti-epidemic materials to support Wuhan. However, how to send them to Wuhan has become their biggest challenge due to the suspension of many express companies’ operation during the Spring Festival and the extreme large volume and weight of the materials.

On the same day, China Post Group Co., Ltd. made an emergency deployment and decided to launch a Guangzhou-Wuhan special freighter on the 27th to deliver this batch of anti-epidemic materials to Wuhan to alleviate the shortage of local materials.

The special mission was carried out by Captain Huang Hongjia, Captain Wang Xiaohui, and Machinist Qiu Hai of China Postal Airlines. Liu Aili, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Chairman of China Post Group Co., Ltd., called on the employees to learn from the three heroes. They have set a good example of how to devote themselves in the face of disaster regardless of difficulties and personal safety. Their fearless action demonstrates the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise for the country and people, which obeys the command and exerts the utmost strength at the critical moment to win a victory. They are role models around us.

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan and many other places in Hubei, China Postal Airlines held a session of Party Committee meetings, general manager special meetings, and emergency charter flight preparation meetings according to the requirements of the Leading Party Members’ Group of China Post Group Co., Ltd. and the Party Committee of the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit of China Post Group before the Spring Festival. Although the flights were grounded during the Spring Festival, departments such as flight, maintenance, land security, transportation control, and Nanjing Branch were all well prepared for emergency rescue missions.

In the face of severe epidemic, cadres, Party members and professional backbones at all levels of China Postal Airlines came forward bravely to help. Some of them gave up vacations, and some others returned to Beijing from hometowns ahead of time. Everyone volunteered to perform the task at any time.

China Postal Airlines has always shouldered the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise to deliver relief materials whenever needed. It has accomplished tasks during disasters like flood, earthquake and the SARS epidemic, in which the staff of China Postal Airlines bravely stood up without any fear of hardships and completed every task excellently.

This time, under the unified command of China Post Group Co., Ltd., with the guiding principle of "being brave, duty-bound, meticulous arrangements, and ensuring safety", with professional procedures, a scientific attitude, and careful arrangements, operational safety and crew safety were guaranteed and the first charter flight mission was successfully completed. In the follow-up stages, China Postal Airlines will follow the command of China Post Group Co., Ltd., strengthen cooperation with provincial branches, and continue to perform more charter missions.

It is reported that after unloading the materials at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, it took off again at 17:50 on the 27th and returned to Beijing at 19:35. From 7:00 am, the crew has been busy for 13 hours, flying Nanjing-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Wuhan, and Wuhan-Beijing. At present, they are in good condition and they thank the leaders of China Post Group Co., Ltd. for their concern and encouragement.








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