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Guangdong Postal Branch and Guangdong Customs join hands to open Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao green passage for oversea donations
Guangdong Postal Branch and Guangdong Customs join hands to open Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao green passage for oversea donations
| China Post |2020-02-10

On February 8, 50 boxes of overseas donated masks from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, were driven to Guangzhou Airmail Processing Center by a cross-border postal vehicle. These are the first batch of anti-epidemic materials sending to Hubei Province quickly through the "One-stop Customs Clearance" postal route established by Guangdong Postal Branch, together with Hong Kong branch of China Post, Macao Post (CTT) and Guangzhou Customs District.



At present when the epidemic prevention materials are scarce all over the country, many overseas institutions, overseas Chinese organizations and individuals donate masks and other anti-epidemic materials to epidemic prevention and control institutions in China through various channels. With the spread of the epidemic, some foreign airlines have cancelled or reduced direct flights to the Chinese mainland, causing a dilemma that the inbound anti-epidemic materials cannot be promptly transported to China: on the one hand, the infected areas are yearning for the materials; on the other hand, the oversea donors are eagerly seeking for import channels. Keeping in mind its mission of serving the people, Guangdong Postal Branch is determined to build a "bridge". Previously, Guangdong Postal Branch has worked with the Customs branch at Guangzhou Post to provide priority customs clearance service for the inbound epidemic prevention and control supplies through mail channels. On this basis, together with the Customs branch at Guangzhou Post, Guangdong Postal Branch joins hands with Hong Kong branch of China Post and Macao Post, makes use of the sufficient international air transportation capacity in Hong Kong and Macao to transfer donated anti-epidemic materials from all over the world via these two places, and then takes advantage of the fast clearance mechanism for Hong Kong and Macao e-Express items to open a special passage for the overseas donated anti-epidemic materials.



Wen Weiqiang, General Manager of Guangdong Airmail Processing Center (also Guangzhou International Mail Exchange Office), said that with the help of the fast clearance mechanism, overseas donated epidemic prevention materials can be pre-declared as soon as they land at Hong Kong or Macao airport. In addition, the Customs branch at Guangzhou Post has arranged for special personnel to ensure 24/7 fast customs clearance service, designated postal staff are responsible for dispatching and tracking the donations, thus “zero delay” of customs clearance is guaranteed for the anti-epidemic materials. It is reported that this customs clearance model takes the lead among the postal channels in China, which will help to deliver overseas donations to designated anti-epidemic medical and charity institutions in Hubei and other places at "the fastest speed".



Guangzhou Customs District and Guangdong Postal Branch attach great importance to the transfer of the donations and work together closely. At 9:30 on February 8, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao special passage was officially launched. When the first batch of donated materials arrived at Guangzhou Airmail Processing Center, special bags of donated materials marked with "Wuhan, stay strong" were quickly unloaded. After that, they went through the green passage of special anti-epidemic service counter, special mail processing team and special logistics route, and were then transferred to the Red Cross Society of Songzi City, Hubei Province, enjoying fast and convenient customs clearance service all the way.



It is known that during the anti-epidemic period, all the materials donated to the institutions in Chinese mainland through e-Express of Hong Kong and Macao are cleared quickly and free of duty by the Customs, and the relevant domestic service charges are reduced or exempted by Guangdong Postal Branch, as long as the recipients and donations meet the relevant regulations of China.

A few days ago, Beijing Eternity-Life Charity Foundation, a charity organization initiated and set up by professionals in the field of public health, received the overseas donations of 25000 standard surgical masks sending from Australia to Chinese mainland, designated to support Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and another hospital in Huangpi District of Wuhan, where the medical supplies are scarce.

In this special period, how to safely transport these materials to Chinese mainland and quickly deliver them to Wuhan has become a problem that these caring people have to face. The urgent task has to be completed as quickly as possible. After knowing the difficulties and needs of the Foundation, Guangdong Postal Branch promptly formulated an assistance plan, actively communicated with Guangzhou Customs District, and successfully opened a green transportation passage for these materials.



On the morning of February 8, the overseas donated masks arrived at Guangzhou International Mail Exchange Office. The postal staff there quickly carried out mail security check, waybill information entry and other related work, and efficiently completed customs clearance in cooperation with Guangzhou Customs District. With the concerted efforts of postal staff, 50 boxes of masks had been finished loading to the truck and ready to be sent to Wuhan by the noon of February 8. This transportation task takes 13 hours and covers more than 1000 kilometers. The supplies arrived in Wuhan this morning and have been sent to the two designated hospitals, which will temporarily ease the shortage of medical supplies for the medical staff.

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