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Postal freighters bearing medical supplies make the 12th emergency take-off
Postal freighters bearing medical supplies make the 12th emergency take-off
| China Post |2020-02-10

At 13:53 on February 10, China Postal Airlines Flight CF9121 (Beijing-Wuhan) takes off from Beijing Capital Airport and arrives at Wuhan Tianhe Airport at 15:41, carrying medical supplies for epidemic prevention and control, such as masks, gloves, drugs, etc., with a total weight of 14.75 tons.



Captain Wang Xiaohui who performs the mission today once flew the first special freighter for epidemic prevention and control supplies on January 27, and then executed such special flights on January 29, January 31, February 3 and February 7. While this is his sixth special flight for the transportation of epidemic prevention and control supplies, “Under the epidemic situation, safe operation must be uncompromisingly ensured.” He said.



Up to now, China Postal Airlines has operated altogether 12 freighters dedicated for the battle against the epidemic, and cumulatively transported 140.45 tons of anti-epidemic supplies through this green air channel of China Post.

With the 11 emergency flights to Wuhan, China Postal Airlines have improved their implementation plan for the transportation of epidemic prevention and control supplies. Therefore, when the 12th batch of supplies enters into the process, the whole system operates smoothly and orderly. Soon the special freighter lands safely at Wuhan Tianhe Airport in a light rain. When the supplies are unloaded and transferred to the landside, Wuhan branch of China Postal Airlines carefully covers them with plastic sheeting to prevent from wetness with rain, and completes the handover to the postal service of Wuhan Branch within half an hour.



“During the special period of fighting against the epidemic, we, the pilots of China Postal Airlines, consistently adhere to the principle that safety comes first. United to fight against the epidemic, we should concentrate on ensuring flight safety. In this special period, safe operation must be uncompromisingly ensured.” Wang Xiaohui said, “after opening the green channel for air transportation of the epidemic prevention and control supplies, every pilot taking part in the flight has made the most detailed and most comprehensive preparation before each flight. We never slack off in every segment and every minute of the flight. We execute every operation and every procedure precisely and carefully, and go all out to complete each flight safely, so as to ensure both the flight safety and the epidemic prevention, and make every effort to win the hard battle of epidemic prevention and control.”

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