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Postal Flight CF 9121 flies directly to Wuhan
Postal Flight CF 9121 flies directly to Wuhan
| China Post |2020-02-15

At 15:04 on February 14, China Postal Airlines flight CF9121 (Beijing-Wuhan) takes off at Beijing Capital International Airport amid an early-spring snow. This is the 15th postal flight for the delivery of medical supplies needed in the fight against epidemic prevention and control.

The postal flight arrives at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport against heavy rain at 16:47. The transported materials inside are medical supplies for the anti-epidemic work in Wuhan, including protective suits, masks, gloves, with a total weight of 14.467 tons. Those supplies have been purchased by the CCB (China Construction Bank) Toronto Branch and Brazil Branch, and received afterwards by the National Development and Reform Commission. So far, China Post has transported 180.5 tons of anti-epidemic medical supplies through the air green channel.


The ground staff is removing ice for the postal flight.


Chen Defeng, General Manager of the Airline Operation and Control Center, said, "Today, the Capital International Airport sees a heavy snow, the runway is slippery, and the weight of anti-epidemic materials is relatively big. The dispatching needs to be well analyzed in accordance with the regulations and in consideration of the slippery runway, to ensure the transportation of epidemic prevention materials with the maximum efforts. At the same time, the standards of the flying release permission have to be strictly controlled, to ensure not only the smooth departure of the aircraft, but also the safe return, and reduce the crew’s stay in Wuhan. "



The flight CF9121 lands against the heavy rain in Wuhan at 17:06, the staff of the China Postal Airline in Wuhan and the ground support crew of Tianhe International Airport immediately begin the unloading operation, and then hand the supplies over to the landside. All operations take only half an hour.



It is reported that since the full resumption of China Postal Airlines on February 11, the quantity of individual mailing items donated for the epidemic prevention and control work through the network of China Postal Airlines (all-night service) from all parts of the country has increased significantly in Nanjing. On February 13, in addition to the regular flight of CF9016 (Nanjing-Wuhan), China Postal Airlines has added two extra charter flights, CF9021 (Nanjing-Wuhan) at noon and CF9025 (Nanjing-Wuhan) in the afternoon, according to the total mail volume, so as to ensure the materials and mails sent to Wuhan could arrive as quickly as possible.

At present, China Postal Airlines has become one of the domestic airlines operating at full capacity.


The Flight CF9121 is still operated by the heroic crew team- Captain: Wang Xiaohui and Huang Hongjia, Copilot: Zhang Yuanyi, Maintenance crew member:Qiu hai.



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