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Wuhan Mail Center makes utmost efforts to ensure the smooth flow of the green transportation line
Wuhan Mail Center makes utmost efforts to ensure the smooth flow of the green transportation line
| China Post |2020-02-19

At present, as the battle against the epidemic of the novel coronavirus pneumonia is still under way, relief supplies are flowing into Wuhan from all over the country. Wuhan Mail Center is the hub for all the incoming mail to Hubei Province, therefore all staff members there have been working at their posts without any complaints and ensuring the delivery speed with their own efforts. From January 23, to February 10, the center has received and dispatched a total of 158,341 boxes of anti-epidemic materials including 27,057 boxes of drugs, 9,569 packages of masks (630,491 pieces), 843 packages of thermometers (48,100 pieces), 8,254 boxes of protective suits, 1,499 packages of sprayers, 2,037 boxes of goggles, and 109,082 boxes of disinfectants and other materials.

Being at posts

During the fight against the epidemic, the executives and employees at Wuhan Mail Center stand on the front line all the time, because they know that this is not only their responsibility but also their honor. Affected by the epidemic, the drivers’ team in the long-distance mail transport of the mail center is understaffed. In face of the difficult situation, the management and the team make elaborate plans and ask all staff members to keep their mobile phones on 24 hours a day so that the drivers and escort personnel can be connected in time, and timely and safe transportation of anti-epidemic materials, confidential mail, Party newspapers and periodicals can be ensured.

Once Zhang Shugang, a driver of the transport department, received the task of delivering supplies to Huoshenshan Hospital, he responded immediately without any hesitation, ensuring on-time delivery of the supplies. Throughout the Spring Festival, he never left his post. Apart from those in the transport department, employees at the exchange office, airport terminal department, mail processing center, operation and maintenance center, and other departments have also been working overtime on the front line.

At 4 o 'clock every morning, Xie Wenli and Du Xinxi, dispatchers of the exchange office, would carefully check the information of the vehicles to each route. Xia Gaorong, head of the air terminal department, works overtime with his staff members to process mail transported by air. To speed up the handling of the anti-epidemic materials, leaders of the exchange office, captains of the fleet, dispatchers and drivers all participate in loading the mail trucks. The mail center has arranged work shift to ensure staff to be on duty 24 hours a day, so that the anti-epidemic supplies can be unloaded as soon as they arrive. Jiang Zuozuo, a staff member of the motorman team of the operation and maintenance center, helps with the transfer of anti-epidemic materials with an electric forklift truck. Wei Zhenpeng, an auto repairman in the operation and maintenance center, braves the cold to repair mail trucks.

Hand in hand

Although located in the epicenter of the outbreak, Wuhan Mail Center is not fighting alone. Postal enterprises nationwide are quietly supporting them in their own ways. In the face of the threatening epidemic, the drivers from different postal enterprises assuming mail transportation tasks to Wuhan, rush to the forefront of epidemic prevention without hesitation. To ensure the smooth flow of the green channel and fight against the epidemic, they transport the urgently needed supplies and the love of the nation to Wuhan with their mail trucks.

On the labels of the incoming registered mail from Nanjing Mail Center, are the words "Wuhan, Stay Strong!" in red, which not only conveys blessings to Wuhan but also adds warmth to the cold winter. Mail centers of Beijing, Changsha and Taiyuan have successively sent epidemic prevention materials and daily necessities to Wuhan Mail Center, which makes all staff there feel the warmth of the postal family.

Being the vanguards

Every Party member is a flag. The Party members and leaders in Wuhan Mail Center remain true to the original aspiration of the Communist Party of China and keep in mind its founding mission, take the lead as vanguards and set examples to others, thereby contributing to the battle against the epidemic.

Yan Yongsheng is the leader of the auto repair team and a grassroots Party member. Since January 23, he has been on duty every day, leading the auto repair team to stand by and abide by their duties to ensure timely repair and maintenance of the vehicles.

Yan Yongsheng is well aware of the fact that at the mail center, schedules of the mail trucks are tight, their tasks are heavy, and supplies must be sent promptly to the places where they are needed. Therefore, he insists at the briefings every day, "We must make sure that all the mail trucks are in good condition so that they can be safely on the road and run efficiently."

At 18:25 on February 3, a mail truck from Chengdu Mail Center, loaded with anti-epidemic disinfectants, had a tire broken on its way to Wuhan mail center. Yan Yongsheng led his team to the rescue on site, and eventually the truck arrived at the mail center in time for mail transfer.

Yan Yongsheng offers to take his colleagues to and from work in his own car to tackle the inconvenience caused by the traffic restrictions. Although he is the first to leave home and the last to go back every day, he doesn’t feel hard at all. He once said, "As a member of the Communist Party of China, the more critical the moment is, the more he is needed to rush ahead, so that everyone else in the team could feel reassured."

Tang Qijiao, the director and Party Secretary of the letter mail workshop of the transit department, has been leading from the front and working in the front line, opening mailbags, sorting and bagging the mail. Under her leadership, Party members of her workshop all volunteer to stick to their posts. She exemplifies the responsibilities of a Party member with her own actions and lets the Party flag fly high in the front line of the battle against epidemic at the mail center.

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