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ULE gives three guarantees in its Epidemic Prevention Zone
ULE gives three guarantees in its Epidemic Prevention Zone
| China Post |2020-02-18

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, ULE, an e-commerce platform operated by the E-commerce Distribution Bureau of China Post Group Co., Ltd., has launched an epidemic prevention products zone. Up to now, more than 70 online sellers have launched more than 320 types of epidemic prevention products covering daily necessities, food and health care products.

In addition to launching epidemic prevention products, the platform has also launched a special campaign, helping farmers with their produce by setting up intra-city vegetable distribution area where citizens order vegetables, eggs, meat and other daily necessities online and then have them delivered to their home. So far, more than 100 agricultural products from 20 provinces have joined the campaign. In addition, the platform encourages the owners of the ULE stores to carry out activities and increase “Postal Special Offer” membership. On average the number of people recommending “ULE store” to their friends has exceeded 80,000 each day. In terms of serving group procurement, the platform has sourced 6 high-demand products such as disposable masks, forehead infrared thermometer, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, medical alcohol and gloves. It has dispatched a total of 600,000 masks and 125,000 pairs of gloves, 50,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, 30,000 bottles of disinfectant, and 40,000 bottles of medical alcohol.

ULE gives “three guarantees” in its epidemic prevention zone. The first one is to guarantee postal needs. Whenever posts around the country have any requirements for epidemic prevention articles, the platform will respond quickly to source and deliver these articles. The second one is to guarantee customers’ needs. The platform will provide daily epidemic prevention products needed by ordinary customers, and take advantage of postal logistics to ensure timely delivery. The third one is to guarantee the needs of partners. The platform will provide them with special support at the critical time. In the next step, it will continue to provide good service and support around the “three guarantees” and make greater contributions to fighting against the epidemic.

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