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Postal freighter bearing medical supplies completes the 19th flight to Wuhan
Postal freighter bearing medical supplies completes the 19th flight to Wuhan
| China Post |2020-02-28

On February 24, China Postal Airlines Flight CF9121 (Beijing-Wuhan) carrying a total weight of 6.98 tons of masks takes off from Beijing Capital International Airport at 18:58, and arrives at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport at 20:43. So far, China Postal Airlines has cumulatively flown 19 freighters designated for medical supplies needed in winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control, transporting altogether 226.98 tons of anti-epidemic medical supplies through this green air passage of China Post.

Materials on board the 19th special flight are anti-epidemic medical supplies from countries such as Qatar and Poland and from the Ministry of Transport. From activating response to arriving in Wuhan, the operation process of China Postal Airlines goes in an orderly manner. From 10 o’clock in the morning, China Postal Airlines’ Beijing branch takes 7 hours to finish the security check and assembly work since the supplies cannot arrive all at the same time, and the staff members remain on stand-by during the intervals to ensure the timely processing of each batch of the supplies on their arrival. At the same time, the Airlines’ maintenance department has guaranteed that the aircraft is airworthy on the apron. To prepare for this flight, the maintenance crew arrives at the apron quite early in the morning. In spite of the gloomy and cold weather and the repeatedly changing take-off time, the on-site maintenance crew complete in an orderly manner tire pressure check, fuel sludge discharge and visual inspection of the interior and exterior appearance of the aircraft, and conduct meticulously flight control adjustment, navigation communication check, the fire alarm indicator lights check, to make sure that the aircraft is in good condition. In order to maintain a warm and comfortable environment for the flight crew, the maintenance crew also activate the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) and turn on the air conditioner to warm the cockpit up in advance, so that the flight crew can operate the freighter in a comfortable environment.

It is reported that from January 27 to February 24, the total 19 chartered flights in charge of delivering epidemic prevention materials, which are maintained by China Postal Airlines’ Maintenance Department, have flown respectively from the airports of Beijing, Pudong, Guangzhou and Nanjing to Wuhan and Yichang in Hubei. In order to keep the chartered flights safe and on time, the aircraft maintenance department has overcome difficulties such as urgent tasks, short preparation time, unpredictable weather conditions and low visibility in times of rain and snow. They take into consideration the different features of each task, carefully assess the potential hazards and the technical status of the aircraft, and then formulate a plan accordingly. To this end, the maintenance crew are manned with experienced ground maintenance engineers and on-board engineers, and equipped with proper aviation spare parts and tools. All these meticulous preparations and reasonable plans and decisions have ensured the safety and punctuality of the flights, and greatly supported the people of Hubei Province in the battle against the epidemic.

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