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The 62nd flight of China Postal Airlines delivers materials donated by UNICEF to Wuhan
The 62nd flight of China Postal Airlines delivers materials donated by UNICEF to Wuhan
| China Post |2020-03-01

At 20:15 on March 1, China Postal Airlines flight CF9121 (Shanghai-Wuhan) takes off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and arrives at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport at 21:38, delivering 15.4 tons of medical materials for epidemic prevention and control donated by UNICEF to Hubei. These materials include protective suits, surgical masks, gloves, protective goggles and thermometers. This is the 21st special medical material transportation charter freighter implemented by China Postal Airlines since January 27. With the above-mentioned flight CF9121, plus other scheduled and extra flights from Nanjing to Wuhan after the resumption of China Postal Airlines, currently there have been 62 flights of China Postal Airlines flying to Wuhan in total.



On the morning of the same day, a scheduled flight and an extra flight of China Postal Airlines arrive in Wuhan with emergency medical supplies. Flight CF9016 takes off from Nanjing at 6:26 and arrives in Wuhan at 7:15. It is loaded with 100 urgently needed protective hoods and 100 ventilators, as well as 75 cases of protective goggles delivered from Guangzhou via Nanjing to Wuhan. Flight CF9125 takes off from Nanjing at 10:52 and arrives in Wuhan at 11:45, carrying the third batch of Car-T Dental Pulp Mesenchymal Stem Cells donated by Shanghai Wu Mengchao Medical Science Foundation to the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University.



On March 1, the third batch of stem cells arrives at Nanjing Distribution Center ahead of time. At the same time of air-ground handover, AOC of China Postal Airlines headquarters decisively decides to take off ahead of schedule. The command center of Nanjing Branch of China Postal Airlines immediately applies to Nanjing Control Tower of Jiangsu Air Traffic Management Bureau. Nanjing Control Tower approves the application in the first time, and coordinates related departments to ensure that flight CF9125 immediately takes off with priority. Thus, flight CF9125 arrives at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport one hour earlier than scheduled, once again racing against time and buying valuable 60 minutes for the relay of life.



In order to ensure the normal operation of three flights, the Nanjing Base of Maintenance Engineering Department of China Postal Airlines has launched the highest standard, the most stringent requirement, and the most comprehensive protection plan. In particular, it arranges personnel with the most comprehensive technical capabilities to form a special support team for stem cell transportation, so as to guarantee the life passage of the anti-epidemic stem cells unblocked with the most efficient rate.

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