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China-Europe freight train (Zhengzhou) embarks on inbound mail transportation
China-Europe freight train (Zhengzhou) embarks on inbound mail transportation
| China Post |2020-03-02

A freight train from Hamburg, Germany, carrying 6,896 inbound mail items, arrived at Zhengzhou railway station on February 28, marking the first time of inbound mail transportation for the China-Europe freight train at Zhengzhou.

According to the arrangement of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and the provincial government and with the strong support of China Post Group, Henan Postal Branch has worked closely together with authorities concerned, overcome the impact of new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, actively coordinated issues concerning inbound mail such as Customs clearance, storage and transportation, and eventually ensured the safe consignment of the inbound international mail by the freight train. With the roll-out of both inbound and outbound mail transport services by the China-Europe freight train (Zhengzhou), Henan Postal Branch can not only transport the outbound international mail nationwide converged in Zhengzhou directly to Europe, Central Asia and other directions, but also distribute the inbound international mail from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland and other countries to different places in China via Zhengzhou railway port.



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