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The first World Engineering Day philatelic products issued
The first World Engineering Day philatelic products issued
| China Post |2020-03-16

March 4 is the first World Engineering Day declared by UNESCO. To mark this historic moment, the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) entrusted Tianjin Postal Branch to design a series of thematic philatelic products. The commemorative products were launched on March 4, which included one set of 12 personalized stamps, one souvenir cover, one souvenir sheet, one postcard and one souvenir folder. All these philatelic products are global limited editions.

At present, the people of China are experiencing a serious epidemic outbreak. Through the design of the World Engineering Day series of philatelic products, Tianjin Postal Branch not only shows the contribution of engineers and engineering technology to the world, but also displays man's resolution in defeating the epidemic and engineering construction to promote the sustainable development of humans, which makes the philatelic products warmer and valuable. During the epidemic prevention and control period, to ensure the timely release of the commemorative philatelic products, Tianjin Postal Branch set up a special team, started telecommuting, repeatedly discussed and revised the designs. Because of the influence of the epidemic, stamp printing enterprises have not fully resumed work, Tianjin Postal Branch made multiple plans. With the support of China Post Group Co., Ltd., the personalized stamps service center, and the Postage Stamps Printing Bureau of China Post Group Co., Ltd., and other units, they overcame the difficulties of insufficient staff, shortage of materials, and disruption of logistics. From project examination and approval to printing, Tianjin Postal Branch completed the task within four days, winning the praise of the WFEO.

According to the introduction, the World Engineering Day personalized stamps are a set of 12 stamps. The master image of the stamps is the Great Wall, and on the right side is the World Engineering Day logo in six official languages of the UN. The souvenir sheet is composed of the main image, the background picture and the text introduction. The central image is “March 4”, the date of World Engineering Day, and on the upper left hand corner is the logo of the WFEO. The background picture is the "Tree of Engineering" that represents the federation. At the bottom of the souvenir sheet is a brief introduction to WFEO. The design of the souvenir cover contains such elements as engineers, the earth, mountains and rivers to express the important role played by engineers in promoting world development and the importance of engineering in sustainable development. The design shows the good hope of realizing the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature in developing engineering projects. On the lower right hand corner of the souvenir cover is the commemorative postmark showing such information as the issuing date and place of the first World Engineering Day. The design of the postcard comes from an outstanding work in the first World Engineering Day Design Contest. The whole postcard expresses the sense of engineering structure and the sense of future, and emphasizes the importance of engineering to the society. With blue and white as the dominant hue, involving details offering extraordinary insight and quadratic and flat style in its design, the souvenir folder comprises personalized stamps, the first World Engineering Day souvenir cover, souvenir sheet and postcards.

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