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Yiwu becomes the first county-level port for overseas incoming mail in China
Yiwu becomes the first county-level port for overseas incoming mail in China
| China Post |2020-03-12

On March 10, the first batch of incoming mail from Japan arrived at Yiwu Airport by “Osaka-Yiwu” cargo charter flight of China Postal Airlines. This is the first time that Yiwu Airport has opened the international freight and mail route for incoming mail from Japan, which marks that Yiwu has become the first county-level port in China to open to overseas incoming mail.

Affected by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, a large number of international flights to and from China have been suspended or reduced, and the pressure of transport of overseas incoming mail to China has increased. Under the leadership of China Post Group Co., Ltd., China Postal Airlines Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Postal Branch and Yiwu Municipal CPC Party Committee and Municipal Government, with the aid of Yiwu Customs, Yiwu Civil Aviation Administration, Yiwu Airport Company and other units, Yiwu Postal Branch has given full play to its resource channel advantages and managed to open a new channel for incoming mail from Japan on the basis of the “green channel” for overseas donation by "Osaka - Yiwu" air cargo charter flight. At the same time, Yiwu Customs has done a good job in quick customs clearance, effective regulation and quick release by taking such measures as "zero delaying" and "zero waiting". The successful completion of "Osaka - Yiwu" cargo charter flight transporting the first batch of incoming mail has further strengthened the position of Yiwu as an important bridge of economic and trade development and aviation logistics development between the two countries. Meanwhile, it has made Yiwu become an important port for all kinds of mail during the epidemic, enabling people to receive epidemic prevention materials, production supplies and daily necessities they buy overseas in a timely manner. It is expected that “Osaka-Yiwu” cargo charter flights will transport 12 tons of mail from Japan within this week.

It is reported that "Yiwu-Osaka" international freight mail route was launched in August last year, running on a schedule of five times a week (Tuesday to Saturday). It has the advantages of direct round-trip flights, stable time limit, next-day delivery, professional customs clearance and so on, further enhancing the competitiveness of Yiwu in cross-border e-commerce market. Yiwu Postal Branch will always stick to the principle of serving the people, stay true to the original aspiration and mission. Next, it will fully integrate highway, railway, aviation and other transport resources, actively open up the artery of postal transportation, and smooth the microcirculation, to ensure the smooth transport of various types of mail and constantly deliver love and hope for people all over the country.

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