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CAAC officials visit China Post and deliver their thank-you letter
CAAC officials visit China Post and deliver their thank-you letter
| China Post |2020-04-16

On April 15, Wan Xiangdong, Chief flight officer of Civil Aviation Administration of China (hereinafter referred to as CAAC), and leaders from relevant CAAC departments, paid a visit to China Post Group Co., Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as China Post) and delivered a thank-you letter expressing gratitude to China Post for its strong support in fighting against COVID-19. Wen Shaoqi, Vice President of China Post Group, met with Wan Xiangdong and his entourage. The two sides held a discussion about promoting the high-quality development of the aviation logistics industry. Leaders from relevant departments of China Post Group participated in the discussion.
In the thank-you letter, CAAC says that during the epidemic prevention and control period, China Post has made full efforts to assist the civil aviation sector in material support. It has overcome the difficulties of personnel shortage, tight schedule, dispersed supplies and so on, organized special teams for quick response and prompt support, effectively guaranteed the reception, distribution and transshipment of the first batch of anti-epidemic supplies in the civil aviation sector, and delivered masks and other anti-epidemic supplies to the front line, thus making an important contribution to the civil aviation sector in winning the anti-epidemic war.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China Post has conscientiously fulfilled the original aspiration of serving the people, given full play to the advantages of the synergy of the whole network and the “three in one” flow of information, physical items and capital, and played an active and indispensable role as the important component of the "artery" and "microcirculation" of economic and social development. While the whole society is coordinating the epidemic prevention and control with resumption of work and production, China Post is taking the lead, demonstrating its fulfillment of the responsibilities as the "national team" of the postal sector. Especially when the pandemic has caused suspension and reduction of a great number of international flights and affected the smooth flow of international mail routes and the development of cross-border ecommerce, China Post takes multiple measures to speed up coordinating and settling the transportation of inbound and outbound international mail and strives to ease the international delivery service channels by strengthening the whole network dispatching management, urgently supplementing the international air transport capacity, and expanding the express maritime shipment and railway transport channels.

Wan Xiangdong affirmed China Post's contribution to epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. He said that China is not only the largest manufacturer but also the largest trader in goods. Affected by the pandemic, the belly freight service of international airliners has shrunk sharply, which has a great impact on the international supply chain of China's industries. In accordance with the requirements of the State Council executive meeting, CAAC has set up a leading group to promote the development of the aviation logistics industry. Focusing on ensuring the transportation and supply of the international supply chain of China’s industries, CAAC has launched strong measures to reduce the international air freight cost, improve the approval efficiency of freight lines and flights and encourage airlines to convert passenger jets into cargo-only airplanes, aiming to effectively improve the international air freight capacity and enhance the international competitiveness of logistics. They hope that China Post will continue to strengthen its communication and link with CAAC, take advantage of the postal resources, fulfill the responsibilities as a State-owned enterprise, and play an active role in building the international logistics and supply chain system.
Wen Shaoqi thanked CAAC for its long-term care and support for the development of postal services and China Postal Airlines. He said that a risk-controllable international logistics and supply chain system is an important pillar for the high-quality development of China's economy and society, an important guarantee for increasing international competitiveness and maintaining national security and an important support for meeting people's needs for a better life, and thereby the mission of China Post as the "national team" of industry. China Post will orient itself to maintaining the security of national economy and strategies, focus on trunk line transportation and keep risks under control, and facilitate the development of international logistics and supply chain system. He hoped that CAAC would support China Post to be deeply involved into the development of international logistics and supply chain system.

During the discussion, the two parties exchanged views on air mail security inspection and transportation regulations, the approval of international air traffic rights and schedules, the airline network planning of China Postal Airlines, the development of the international logistics and supply chain system, and so on.

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