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Liu Aili presents the performance of China Post's work resumption on China Brand Day
Liu Aili presents the performance of China Post's work resumption on China Brand Day
| China Post |2020-05-10



On May 10, the fourth China Brand Day, at the blockbuster event of My List of Work Resumption held by the Financial Program Center of China Media Group, 30 leaders from the most influential Chinese brands shared their actions of work and production resumption, empowering China’s economy with brand power.

At 10: 35, Liu Aili, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Chairman of China Post Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Post), presented the performance of China Post's resumption of work in the Command Center of China Post. He introduced the important role China Post played in fighting the epidemic, resuming work and production, opening up the “big artery” and the “microcirculation” of postal transportation. He also described the contribution China Post made to stabilizing employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign capital, investment and expectation, and guaranteeing people’s job and basic livelihood, market entities, grain and energy security, the stability of industrial and supply chains, and the operation of the grassroots level.

Salute the anti-epidemic heroes with “national card”

“In this people’s war of epidemic prevention and control, it can be said that everyone who heads for the frontline against the virus is a fighter.”

China Post has used stamps to record the moving images of people from all walks of life, such as medical workers, soldiers from the People's Liberation Army (PLA ), policemen, scientific researchers, who participated in the anti- epidemic campaign. Tomorrow, this set of stamps will be officially issued. China Post will donate all the proceeds from the issuance of this set of stamps to the Red Cross Society of China, and also present the first-day cover and the stamp folder to the medical staff fighting on the front line.

Fully support the resumption of work and production

“As a basic, strategic and leading industry in the development of national economy, what matters most for China Post to resume work and production is to provide services for social production and life.”

To support the resumption of  work and production, China Post has provided customized logistics guarantee schemes for HUAWEI, GREE, HP and other manufacturing enterprises, and provided credit fund support for the enterprises relating to the epidemic prevention and control, small and micro enterprises in need and farmers preparing for spring farming. China Post has implemented stabilizing tasks and guaranteeing tasks required by the CPC Central Committee.

Within two months, China Postal Airlines has successively opened three international routes and one extra route. “China Post” block train of China-Europe has run eight times, gathering and shipping nearly 3000 tons of mails to 36 countries. China Post has also increased the maritime transportation of international mail to Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries, and opened a new maritime express transportation channel to the United States and Canada. Though facing the high transportation costs, China Post will go forward and do every effort to ensure the smooth international express logistics channels.

In the epidemic containment, China Post has fought the first half of the battle and is sparing no efforts to fight the rest. In the first half of the battle, China Post helped overseas Chinese to continuously transport the urgently-needed anti-epidemic materials to the domestic places. In the second half when the pandemic broke out globally, China Post promptly and safely transported the anti-epidemic materials from China to countries in need.

Serving the people is the original aspiration and mission of China Post. In the epidemic prevention and control, China Post has always guarded the green lifeline of material transportation and delivery, and has contributed to keeping postal transportation routes smooth. Therefore, China Post has become the real “national team” that follows instructions, responds quickly and secures the victory at critical moments.

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