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Special stamps Fighting COVID-19 with United Strength to be issued on May 11
Special stamps Fighting COVID-19 with United Strength to be issued on May 11
| China Post |2020-05-10



China Post is to issue a set of 2 special stamps on May 11, 2020, with different designs respectively entitled Facing Challenges with United Strength and Fighting COVID-19. The face value of this set of stamps is ¥2.40. The planned circulation is to be 14.5 million.

This set of special stamps is produced in se-tenant style. The Chinese character "众" (meaning “the general public”) in the design connects the two stamps closely, implying the massive strength gathered by the whole nation to fight against the epidemic in the face of major public health emergencies under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee. The graphic design of eliminating COVID-19 is placed under the Chinese character "众" to further enhance the visual effect of winning the war against the epidemic, indicating that the whole nation is united as one with firm determination to fight COVID-19 and has achieved major progress in containing the outbreak.

The first design focuses on the collective images of officers and soldiers of the People's Liberation Army, medical workers, scientific researchers, community workers, police officers and the volunteers. The background design depicts the scenarios of disease control professionals conducting epidemiological investigation and volunteers and deliverymen distributing medical supplies and daily necessities. The upper part of the picture outlines urban buildings and rural scenes. The whole design reflects everyone in either urban or rural areas participates in epidemic prevention and control, and highlights the theme of China’s national efforts in defeating the COVID-19 outbreak. At the same time, the design also includes aircraft, ships, trucks, high-speed trains and other elements, showing the touching scenes of people from home and abroad racing against the clock to assist Hubei and Wuhan.

The main part of the second design depicts the image of a medical worker with a clenched fist showing resolute determination, its background featuring the medical treatment scenes, the backs of medical workers heading for the frontline against the virus, and the makeshift hospitals, etc., portraying the noble spirit of the brave and benevolent medical workers throwing themselves into the battle without hesitation, healing the wounded and rescuing the dying. The image of the landmark Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan shows the great contribution the heroic city of Wuhan has made during the outbreak, indicating “If Wuhan wins, Hubei wins. If Hubei wins, the whole country wins.” The "AI" and other scientific and technological elements in the picture imply the important role of science and technology in epidemic prevention.

In addition to the paper medium, this set of stamps can display its digital contents by AR scanning the stamp designs via Alipay or the Encyclopedia of China Philately and Stamps WeChat applet. Through AR scanning, viewers can see the active animation of the stamp design elements which, together with the "light up love" campaign, is to show best regards to the heroes against the virus. After that, viewers can access the special photo library about China Post's initiatives in the battle against the epidemic and the special zone of "the comprehensive guide to resume work during the anti-epidemic war" on the Xinhua News Agency app, showing the progress of the nation's anti-epidemic efforts in a multi-dimensional way.





China Post will produce first day covers and souvenir folders and present them to medical workers on the frontline of fighting COVID-19. Meanwhile, it will donate the income of the stamps and their related philatelic products to the cause of anti-epidemic.

This set of stamps is designed by Wang Huming and Liu Xiangping, and printed by Beijing Stamp Factory through photogravure technology.

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