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Leaders of China Post inspect Beijing Postal Branch on security of delivery services during the two sessions
Leaders of China Post inspect Beijing Postal Branch on security of delivery services during the two sessions
| China Post |2020-05-20

This year’s NPC (the National People’s Congress) and CPPCC (the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) sessions (hereinafter referred to as two sessions) are going to be held in Beijing. According to the arrangement of the Leading Party Members’ Group of China Post Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Post Group), on May 18, Wen Shaoqi, Vice President of China Post Group, with the leaders of relevant departments of China Post Group, went to Beijing Postal Branch to inspect and guide the work around security of postal services during the two sessions.

In Yonganli postal sub-branch and Shuangjing delivery outlet, Chaoyang District, Wen Shaoqi talked with the staff and inquired about the preparation of delivery service during the two sessions, the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures and the average daily business volume. At Shuangjing postal sub-branch, Wen Shaoqi carefully checked the implementation of regulations concerning mail collection and contents inspection, stressing that epidemic containment and work resumption should be done at the same time to ensure the safety of mail delivery channels. At the postal newsstand No. 51176, southwest of Shuangjing Bridge, Chaoyang District, Wen Shaoqi urged employees to continue to implement regular epidemic prevention and control measures and spare no effort to promote the sales of Party newspapers and periodicals. In the Beijing Integrated Mail Processing Center, Wen Shaoqi and his entourage inquired about the mail security work during the two sessions and checked the progress of technique and equipment process reengineering on the spot.

This year’s two sessions are held in the concluding year of building a well-off society in an all-round way and the “13th Five-Year Plan”, at the moment when the situation of the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic and the operation of the economy and society move steadily in a positive direction. It is a bounden political and social responsibility for China Post Group to provide quality postal service and guarantee delivery security. Wen Shaoqi pointed out that Beijing Postal Branch should continue to carry forward the glorious tradition of having high political integrity, thinking in big-picture terms, never complaining about difficulties, and never asking for offers. He required that, with a high sense of political responsibility and mission and in accordance with the new situation and new requirements, Beijing Postal Branch should provide good postal guarantee service during the two sessions with the highest standards, the most concrete measures, the strongest organization, the best service and with optimal state. Special attention should be paid to the following tasks. First, rectification measures should be implemented to effectively eliminate all hidden dangers in every link of production. Potential safety risks from aspects such as mail security check, fire safety, construction site safety, and emergency response should be examined carefully and rectifications should be made immediately after examination to ensure that all safety work is carried out in place. Second, security management should be strengthened to guarantee the safety of delivery channels during the two sessions. Safety management on the work site should be promoted, mail collection and delivery strictly checked, special mail delivery in the core areas and in the residence of NPC deputies and CPPCC National Committee members guaranteed, financial security ensured, all kinds of fire hazards effectively eliminated, confidential communications secured, “anti-pornography and illegal publications work” carried out, on-duty guards strengthened. Third, regular epidemic prevention and control efforts should be carried out in a solid, meticulous and practical manner. In strict accordance with the decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the requirements of the Beijing municipal government, the policy of preventing imported COVID-19 from abroad and preventing the rebound of the epidemic at home should be adhered to firmly without slacking off.

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